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What is ECHO?

A new concept revolutionized and mastered by ECHO Cottages Ltd. ECHO stands for Elder Cottage Housing Opportunity.  Simply put, an ECHO Cottage is a temporary apartment style house discreetly placed on a homeowners property specifically designed for the needs of … Continue reading

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Convenient.  Safe.  Economical.  Family bonding.  Need we say more? While the concept of mobile assisted living and elder housing opportunities is not a new one, the business model for ECHO Cottages Ltd is unique. ECHO Cottages will rent their units … Continue reading

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How ECHO Cottages Stacks up to Assisted Living or Home Additions ECHO Cottage Assisted Living Facility Home Addition COST Costs around $450 to $1,300 per month. When the cottage is no longer needed it is removed from your property and … Continue reading

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Free Estimates Here!

What may feel like a difficult time, ECHO can make much easier. When you call ECHO Cottages, we will answer all of your questions.  We will then run through a few questions of our own to confirm an ECHO Cottage … Continue reading