What is ECHO?

A new concept revolutionized and mastered by ECHO Cottages Ltd.

ECHO Cottages has revolutionized the world of modular housing. The term ECHO stands for Elder Cottage Housing Opportunity, and was specifically designed for the needs of its elderly occupant. However, this temporary-style house can be discretely placed on a homeowner’s property, making it the perfect solution for elderly occupants and first-time home buyers. When living arrangements change, the ECHO Cottage can be easily removed. It’s that simple.

For those looking to provide a comfortable living space, which allows their loved one to maintain a safe amount of independence, privacy and dignity, the ECHO Cottage can be easily modified to fit the needs of seniors. It gives them the freedom to set the heat and AC to a desired level, turn the TV as loud as needed, and keep their beloved pet right by their side.

There are benefits for caregivers, as well. Instead of having to travel far to pick up Mom or Dad and take them to the doctor or out shopping, they are just a few steps away. If their grandchildren decide they want to visit Grandma and Grandpa after school, they are right nearby in their very own backyard. Studies have shown that seniors who interact with family members live longer, healthier and happier lives.

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