Compare ECHO

How does ECHO Cottages stack up against assisted living or a costly home addition? Find out below!

ECHO Cottage Assisted Living Facility Home Addition
COST $450 to $1,300 per month (no increase in property taxes) Average $4,200 per month (plus added fees) $25,000 to $150,000 (plus property taxes)
CARE Home care aid to perform household chores costs an average of $17 an hour Full-time staff provide housekeeping and laundry service Home care aid to perform household chores costs an average of $1,000 per month
SAFETY Unit comes equipped with security system easily converted to a full monitor with panic option Varies according to facility and area Security and monitoring can be installed at an added expense
MEALS/SNAKS Full kitchen included, meals are only limited to your imagination Two to three meals a day provided with limited options Kitchen may or may not be included, meaning meals may have to be shared with the entire family
FAMILY VISITS Family are just a few steps away Requires driving to see Mom or Dad Family are right in the next room
AVAILABILITY Estimated 30 days to install and move in Facilities may have a long waiting list and/or large buy-in Average of 6 to 8 months before the addition is livable (after special permits, public hearings and construction)
ACTIVITIES Freedom to participate in extracurricular activities at your leisure Organized activities are available, but with limited choices Freedom to partake in an unlimited number of activities
PRIVACY What happens in an ECHO Cottages, stays in an EHCO Cottage Private or semi-private rooms, limiting privacy Only one wall separating you from others
CONVENIENCE Easily take parent(s) to doctor or shopping Transportation sometimes provided Easily take your parent(s) to the doctor or shopping
SOCIALIZING Can attend local senior centers, free of charge, and can entertain in their own space Able to socialize with other residents Senior centers are an option, but limited private space for hosting guests
AMENITIES Bedroom large enough for queen size bed, accessible bath with barrier free shower, stackable washer/dryer, functional kitchen, heat pump with central A/C, security and monitoring system Experience could range from a country club atmosphere to a single room or group home setting Directly related to square footage and space can be limited
PSYCHOLOGICAL No feelings of guilt for the children or abandonment for the parent(s), as well as a shorter transition period May experience feelings of abandonment and frequency of visits will likely diminish over time Possible issues of meddling and resentment due to such close quarters
PETS Pets of all sizes are welcome Some facilities allow pets Depends on the children’s willingness to accommodate




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