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Because of the fact that ECHO Cottages is in the business of caring for the Elderly, I get lots of articles emailed to me dealing with all sorts of issues. The most recent was sent to me from, this deals with “Care Giver Guilt” and how to cope with the feelings of moving your Elderly Parent from their home, that they may have lived in for decades and placing them in a Nursing Home or Assisted Living Facility, or other Institution. This article was very well written and  interesting guide and designed to help not only you but also your parent, and is probably very helpful in making the transition.

Guilt stems from many issues,


The Generation that are our parents are the “Savers” folks that put money aside for heir retirement, a rainy day, and inheritance for their kids. now if they have to go into a facility they will see what they worked hard for all their lives disappear at an alarming rate, anywhere from $4,000 – $12,000 per month, until they run out of money, and after that, only then will Medicaide kick in and start covering the cost of their facility. Now that nest egg is gone along with any money that they had planned to pass on to their off-spring.


When a parent is placed in an institution, regardless of how luxurious and beautiful it maybe, it is not home, and they will feel like they have been abandoned, and no one will come to visit, they will only see you on weekends or holidays, they are going to miss the day to day activities that are life, and lets be honest, this will happen to a certain extent, everyone has great intentions but as the drive to the Home becomes more tedious and stars interfering on all the demands that tug on our time, the visits will become less often and shorter. Grandma will miss seeing her grand daughters new dress and hear obouy her first crush on a boy in her class, and all of the little things that “JUST HAPPEN” that are not milestones or really worth celebrating, but actually they are!


Does grandma or Granddad have a dog or cat, that keeps them company, and in alot of cases the reason they have to get up in the morning, if so will the home allow them to bring him or her along?


Many seniors are afraid of loosing their independence, and when you are in a facility, that will happen to a small extent.


We have all heard the stories about the lack of safety in Nursing Homes and the incidents of Neglect and abuse experienced by helpless residents, luckily these are a very small number, but cant be ignored.

IS ECHO Cottage the Answer?

These are just a few of the many reasons that Care Givers feel Remorse and Guilt over placing their parents into a facility. ECHO Cottages are designed to help eliminate these concerns, I am not saying that one of our cottages is right for everyone, there are a lot of times when it is absolutely the interest for mom or dad to go into a facility where they can get the care that you cannot do. But for a good percentage, ECHO Cottages can be the perfect place for them and you.

Dandy Marketing Machinery, Now On Board

I am Excited  to announce that Dandy Marketing Machinery, headed by Katharine Di Cerbo,  is going to be developing  new marketing ideas for ECHO Cottages,  and I am looking forward to working with her, and her,  company. Katie brings not only imagination and innovative ideas to the mix, but a clear understanding of what it takes to educate people to the new concept in Senior Care, that is what we are all about.  Please stay with us and see what great ideas Katie will have!

Bill Novak Sr. Founder of ECHO Cottages Passed Away

We are sad to announce thatBill Sr. Bill Novak Sr, who came up with his Version of Care for our Elderly Loved Ones, has passed away. Bill, my father, devised his concept while re-cooping from a near death accident when he was 78 years old.

One of his “Bucket List” items was to Buy a Helicopter and learn to fly it.  Much to his dismay, he found that the first part of that was actually much easier than the second part. Being a successful land developer he actually found he could afford the price of a small 2 seat copter, BUT, because of his age, and various physical conditions, for the most part caused by almost 60 years spent in the construction industry, he could not pass the Physical  required to obtain a license. Never to admit defeat, he searched the internet and found a small company located on the west coast of Florida, that custom built small experimental single seat Helicopters, NO LICENSE REQUIRED, so he ordered one, had it built, and after it was complete started to take lessons, a week later after training for only, FOUR and ONE HALF Hours, he decided to solo, and quickly realized he was not a “Natural Helicopter Pilot”. He crashed and was severely injured. Ater going to an emergency medical center, against doctors orders, checked himself out climbed back into his car and drove himself five hours home, to the east coast of Florida, in Sebastion. There he sat down in his recliner and stayed there ( against my mothers wishes) from Tuesday evening, until the following Saturday morning when she was able to convince him to go to the hospital, since by then he was starting to feel poorly. Once in the hospital they discovered he had broken 8 broken ribs, his kidneys had shut down, he had damaged his liver and had double pneumonia, he was not expected to live through the weekend. To make a long story short, he did survive and was supposed to go to a Nursing Home to Re-Hab. In his mind, and at his age, that was a death sentence and against his Dr’s advice (again) hired a couple private duty nurses and re-habbed at home, again in his Recliner. That is where and when he came up with he concept for ECHO Cottages.

Well it was in the comfort of that same recliner, at their home in Upstate New York,  on May 2nd, 2017 at the ripe age of 86, that he passed peacefully in his sleep, hunkered down, blanket pulled up around his neck, head back, mid-snore, Pretty much the best place, and way to go.  I will miss our lunches together, and the ideas that we used to exchange. One of the last things we did talk about, last week, was the fact that they are now building Quad Copters that are big enough for a full sized person, and since they have four blades, we both agreed that they would probably be much easier to fly, he was going to do some research on them, find out where he could buy one and what it cost. SOME THINGS NEVER CHANGE!!!


Proud to announce that Echo Cottages LTD is an approved modular home manufacturer in the state of Pennsylvania. Last fall we received our Delaware approvals , next states we are going through the process will be Connecticut and New Jersey. the state of Connecticut, from i was told, will have a state law allowing Echo Cottages as housing for the elderly family members by this summer. Thank you to senator Cathy Osten who chaired the task force to study this law also thank you to Tia Murphy , Richard Heanratty , John Guzkowski and Amanda Kennedy and thank you to Wade Packer for inviting me to sit with the task force and answer any questions regarding this senior housing option.