Construction Pictures

echo cottage chassis2

first thing level up the chassis and put on jack stands, this is where it stays until the day before we deliver it, in this case Millerton, NY if you look at the near corner of the chassis, you can see (the silver thing) the bracket that the straps attach to , that gets attached to the anchor that holds the cottages to the ground in case of high wind.our cottages are designde to withstand winds of 109 miles per hour.

echo cottage chassis 4

after bolting the double 2″x6″ treated plates to the chassis, it is time for the floor joists, in this case we use 2″x6″ Doug Fir 16″ on center, they are attached to the double plates using Hurricane clips, then the 3/4″ fir tongue and groove plywood (no OSB here) using construction adhesive and 8d ring shank nails.

echo cottage chassis 3

this is Carlos installing the floor joists.


we are building two cottages in this photo

echo cottage chassis1

this is how the chassis are delivered, stacked on top of each other, up to four high.



Grab bars around toiletGrab bars for shower and toilet, the toilet also is two inches higher than a standard toilet so it sits overall 17 inches as opposed to 15. It is easier for people that may have hip and or knee problems to get on and off the seat. Also a larger bowl for better targeting 🙂



this is our hand held shower and bar with endless adjustments making it easier to shower standing up or sitting down in a chair all with grab bars for safety




This is the standard  kitchen layout ,showing dishwasher, refrigerator/freezer 30 inch free standing self cleaning range with one piece  glass cooking surface for easy clean up of spills and space saver microwave also plenty of cabinet space for storage of dishes, pots and pans