How Do I Get Started?

There are four things that go into this decision. First, you need to decide if ECHO Cottages is the right option for you and your loved one. Talk to your parent, and see if this is something in which they would be interested. Next, you need to check with your local municipality to see if this type of elder housing is permitted. Then you need to see if it fits on your lot. Remember that ECHO Cottages are 38’ long by 12’ wide, and we need to have enough room to maneuver around for hook-ups. A simple site visit will accomplish this. If your property is a match, schedule an appointment to see our model in person, and we’ll set up everything you need.

If you have any questions, or need assistance in contacting zoning administrators or building departments, please contact Bob Novak at (845) 206-6525 or email info@echocottages.com.

What if I don’t want to take on this level of responsibility by myself?

Thankfully, you’re not alone. Long-term care services are available for senior citizens that qualify for Medicaid. Home care services include personal care, adult day services, home delivered meals, individualized training, medical equipment, personal emergency response systems and transportation. For seniors that don’t qualify for Medicaid, there are a multitude of reputable home care providers that can help assist with: bathing and personal care, transportation, medication assistance, meal preparation, light housekeeping, pet walking and care, exercise assistance, companionship, shopping, errands and respite care. Please visit our resources pages to find out more about local services.

Where are ECHO Cottages already approved?

Certain townships in Dutchess and Orange County, NY, already have ECHO zoning in place. To find out if your town has zoning laws in place, please click here (link to: http://www.generalcode.com/codification/ecode/library) or view the list of townships that already allow the placement of ECHO Cottages:

Dutchess County:

  • Milan
  • Wappinger
  • East Fishkill
  • Town & Village of Rhinebeck
  • Town & Village of Red Hook
  • Stanford
  • Woodbury
  • Millerton
  • Beekman
  • Amenia
  • Gallatin
  • Hyde Park

Orange County:

  • Maybrook
  • Montgomery
  • Goshen
  • Warwick
  • Cornwall on Hudson
  • Gardner

What are some advantages of an ECHO Cottage for the occupant?

What’s so great about living in an ECHO Cottage? Here are some of the benefits that seniors can expect:

  • Studies show that seniors live longer, healthier, and happier lives at home versus those in assisted living or nursing homes.
  • Parents get to live near their children and grandkids without actually moving in with them.
  • Mom and Dad don’t feel like they are in the way and intruding on their son’s or daughter’s home.
  • Seniors have more privacy because what happens in an Echo Cottage stays in an ECHO Cottage.
  • Parents have their own apartment, but are just a very short walk away. Occupants can maintain their independence, cook for themselves, do their own laundry, control their own thermostat, keep their pets, have a garden and turn their TV on as loud as they desire.
  • Parents can host their weekly poker game, without bothering anyone.
  • Mom and Dad don’t have a curfew, and can stay up, or out, as late as they want, or go to bed as early as they want.

What are some of the advantages of placing and ECHO Cottage in my rear yard as a caregiver?

Having your Mother or Father in an Echo Cottage in your rear yard makes them less vulnerable to criminals and con artists, a valid concern in assisted living facilities or when utilizing hired assisted care in their own home, especially if your loved one lives a distance from you.

It eliminates the assorted con men that prey on seniors trying to sell them every thing from aluminum siding for their brick house or sweeping their chimney, when they don’t have one to the innocent Girl Scouts that get us hooked on Thin Mints and my favorite Doe See Does

Trips to the doctor or store are much easier, since mom or dad is only steps away.

Visits are so much easier and are more apt to be impromptu than arranged, you might actually find yourself liking each other.

The accusation “Mom Always Liked You Best” might have some truth or not.

Close enough, but, not too close



Can I customize my ECHO Cottage?

In order to keep our prices affordable, ECHO Cottages come with a very inclusive list of standard features. However, where possible we will be happy to accommodate your needs. If you purchase an ECHO Cottage, we are able to customize the siding, cabinets, roofing, and floor covering.

Will ECHO Cottages affect property taxes?

Since our ECHO Cottages are temporary structures, and are removed once they are no longer needed, they will not affect your property taxes.

Do you have to make your septic system larger?

In most cases, you do not. However, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with us to assess your needs.

How large are the cottages?

Our ECHO Cottages are approximately 450 square feet and include a kitchen/sitting area, bathroom and bedroom. All cottages come with a washer and dryer, an 18” multi-cycle dishwasher, built-in convection microwave, two-burner electric cooktop, refrigerator with top mount freezer, and a 5’ barrier-free shower with grab bars. We encourage you to schedule a private tour and see just how roomy and comfortable it truly is.

Could my son, daughter or nephew live in the cottage when no longer needed by my elderly parent?

It depends on your township. Some towns limit the use of these cottages for elderly or disabled occupants. We suggest that you contact your town for more information.

Are these cottages wheelchair friendly?

Yes. Each of our cottages features wide hallways and doors, as well as a barrier-free shower with grab bar. We also offer the option of installing a ramp or lift for easier access.

Do you buy back a purchased ECHO Cottage?

Unfortunately, we do not buy pack a purchased ECHO Cottage at this time. We will, however, help you find a way to sell or lease it as an investment. Whether for an elder or disabled loved one, a vacation home or mountain cabin, these cottages can easily be resold or leased.

Where can I see an ECHO Cottage in person?

To schedule a private showing, please contact Bob Novak at 1-877-WHY-ECHO or 845-206-6525 or or fill out the contact us form.