Owned and operated by the Novak family, ECHO Cottages Ltd has been at the forefront of providing affordable cottage-sized housing to seniors and first time homebuyers in the Hudson Valley. Following a hospitalization, which required physical therapy, Bill Novak, Sr. set out to create an alternative to assisted living facilities and nursing homes. The thought of being constrained to a facility left Bill Sr. with an uneasy feeling and led him to design a solution where he could maintain his privacy, and stay within an arm’s reach of his loved ones. It was during this time that the idea of ECHO Cottages began, and with the help of his three sons, the family worked together to put their plan into action.

Born into a family of skilled craftsmen and builders, construction has always been second nature to Bill Novak, Sr. His father, Charles Novak, immigrated to America in 1907 and went on to become a successful woodworker and business owner. Following in his father’s footsteps, Bill Novak, Sr. established a successful career as a contractor and land developer. His three children, Bill Jr., Bob and Tim, went on to upload the family tradition by providing contracting, land developer and home building services in the Hudson Valley and Georgia.

After Bill Sr. and his wife Teddy moved back to New York in 2011, the family established ECHO Cottages Ltd For the next two years, Bill Sr. and his wife traveled throughout the Hudson Valley, meeting with countless town supervisors to educate them on the revolutionary alternative to assisted living facilities and nursing homes. Their son, Bob, worked alongside their efforts by presenting the idea of ECHO Cottages to local town boards, while also holding weekly open houses and participating in local trade shows. Eventually Bill Sr. decided to retire, leaving Bob to handle the day-to-day business operations. Today, Bob continues to carry out the vision to help senior citizens and now first-time homebuyers live in a comfortable inviting space.